5 Questions to Ask a Dump Truck Hauling Service

5 Questions to Ask a Dump Truck Hauling Service

California is the second largest state in the U.S. when it comes to providing trucking jobs by employment levels. While California has been known as a rapidly developing state in the past few decades, that status has only strengthened with time.

In recent years, that is mostly due to the San Francisco Bay Area, which in addition to being a hub for the tech industry, has also created ample opportunities for other industries due to the new residents that it brought to the state from all over the country. With these new residents came the need for new housing, and new housing also meant a rise in demand for moving and construction trucks.

And due to this demand, hiring a dump truck hauling service in the Bay Area is no less than a feat. When you find a good dump truck hauling service, it is often unavailable. When it is available, it does not come cheap. The only scenario where you may find a reliable trucking service provider to be free for jobs is due to it having an extensive fleet that could serve the needs of a number of customers at once.

Whenever you need to hire a dump truck hauling service, ensure to ask the company these following 5 questions, and that would help you determine whether they would deem to be a good fit for you or not.

How Much Experience Does Your Crew Have?

This would let you determine the provider’s level of expertise. A good provider has a crew that can work with a large number of vehicles in a variety of situations, which can only come with tenure. How it benefits you is that an experience of over a decade ensures a certain level of professionalism and reliability from the provider.

What Kind of Fleet Do You Have?

This is another important question to ask a dump truck hauling service. By inquiring about the state and variety of the fleet, you will know where the provider stands in terms of their vehicle infrastructure. This gives you the assurance of having your loads’ delivery not being affected by the truck breaking down during a job.

What Are Your Prices?

Perhaps the most important question of all. One pro tip to keep in mind the answer is that if the service is too expensive, then it does not necessarily mean that it is good. Similarly, if a provider is practically offering its dump truck hauling service at extremely cheap rates, then there might be some issues there. Ensure that you find a provider who offers affordable yet realistic pricing, as that moderation hints towards a credible company to work with.

What Is Your Customer Service Like?

This aspect is often overlooked when hiring services such as dump truck hauling. However, as with any other service provider across various industries, customer service is extremely important when it comes to these segments as well. Imagine how stranded you would feel if your load delivery got late and you could not reach anyone at the company’s end. In order to avoid that nightmare scenario, you need to ensure that you are dealing with a company who will be there for you when you need it.

Do You Have Any References?

The answer to this question goes a long way in establishing trust in a provider. If a provider boasts of certain years of experience, then it would only be prudent to put it to the test and talk with people who have used the provider’s services in the past.

Ask These Questions to Ethan Logistics Today!

Any dump truck service provider worth their salt would be able to answer these questions positively, and Ethan Logistics is no exception to that rule.

With Ethan’s 15 years of experience in the industry as well as our topnotch fleet, we ensure to provide competitive pricing to our customers while maintaining our motto of providing exceptional customer service.

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